We’re so happy to be releasing, “The Jack and Kitty Podcast”…available on Spotify and wherever else you listen to podcasts!

Season 1 is a special re-broadcast of “The Mindfulness Minute”, a short daily devotional of inspirational messages. Season 2 is a special re-broadcast of “Jack Spins Shellac”, where Jack shares lost gems of the 1920s and 1930s from his phonograph record collection. Season 3 is a new collection called “The Only Constant Is Chaos” where we dig deep into our archives to present a random collection of audio adventures just for you! Available now on all major podcast listening platforms.

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Season 1

Season 1 – The Mindfulness Minute

Emmy Award winning and bestselling author Jack Norton offers insights into peace, serenity and living a spiritual life – from the perspective of an artist working as an author, filmmaker and musician with creative duo Jack and Kitty.

Episode Guide…
S1E1 – What Makes A Creative Person
S1E2 – Be Restrained Be Powerful
S1E3 – Happy Accidents
S1E4 – Be Fearless In Your Pursuit Of Knowledge
S1E5 – You Must Be Empty
S1E6 – Never Settle For Anything Less Than The Best
S1E7 – Go Fearlessly Into The Unknown
S1E8 – Think Wisely
S1E9 – The Trap Of Perfection
S1E10 – The Broken Egg
S1E11 – Be Mindful
S1E12 – Walk Forward
S1E13 – The Promise Of A Happy Tomorrow
S1E14 – Dance With Your Dreams
S1E15 – The Eyes Of A Stranger
S1E16 – Unification With Nature
S1E17 – The Missing Puzzle Piece
S1E18 – The Wild Soul
S1E19 – The Power Of Your Mantra
S1E20 – One Step At A Time
S1E21 – The Mental Diet
S1E22 – The Requirements For Creativity To Grow
S1E23 – Eliminating All Unnecessary Details
S1E24 – Fearless In The Pursuit Of Your Dreams
S1E25 – Do You Know What You Want To Be When You Grow Up
S1E26 – The Choice Is Yours
S1E27 – Phone Down Head Up
S1E28 – Frustration Is Part Of The Process
S1E29 – You Are Loved Completely
S1E30 – Simple And Profound Ideas To Consider
S1E31 – Things You Shouldn’t Care About
S1E32 – There Is No Other Life But This
S1E33 – Looking At How Far You’ve Come
S1E34 – Thoughts That Steal Your Joy
S1E35 – I Know This Is The Only Moment
S1E36 – Riches Beyond Our Wildest Dreams
S1E37 – You Are A Gem
S1E38 – Some Damn Good Advice
S1E39 – You Owe The World
S1E40 – Be Don’t Try To Become
S1E41 – Writing Is Like Pilates
S1E42 – Invest In Your Own Joy
S1E43 – Stop Thinking
S1E44 – The Best Preparation For Tomorrow
S1E45 – The Recipe For Happiness
S1E46 – Your Best Friend Or Worst Enemy
S1E47 – One Word At A Time
S1E48 – A Writing Machine
S1E49 – Disengage And Quietly Pursue Yourself
S1E50 – Courage And Faith
S1E51 – Drink Up Baby
S1E52 – The Impossible Mission
S1E53 – Choose Your Own Adventure
S1E54 – You Deserve It All
S1E55 – A War Worth Fighting
S1E56 – Freedom Is Something Inner
S1E57 – Consider Your Happiness First
S1E58 – Act As If
S1E59 – The Thief Of Joy
S1E60 – A Very Simple Equation
S1E61 – The Glorious Now
S1E62 – Write A New Story
S1E63 – Creativity Takes Courage
S1E64 – What Are You Telling Yourself Today
S1E65 – That Is The Key
S1E66 – Use Your Skills And Scars
S1E67 – Wrong Turns On Purpose
S1E68 – The Strangest Secret
S1E69 – Monsters Like Santa Claus
S1E70 – Expand Your Happiness
S1E71 – The Blueprints For The House You Are Building
S1E72 – Living Really Living
S1E73 – And That’s All That Matters
S1E74 – All The Time In The World
S1E75 – The Main Priority
S1E76 – You Are Heaven And Hell
S1E77 – The Prison Of Your Mind
S1E78 – All The Answers Are Inside Of You
S1E79 – Do Not Fear Work
S1E80 – Strength In Silence
S1E81 – There Is No Magic Bullet
S1E82 – Safe In Your Own Two Hands
S1E83 – Unfuckwithable A Definition
S1E84 – The Garden Of Your Mind
S1E85 – The Beautiful Moment Of Now
S1E86 – Watch As The Magic Unfolds
S1E87 – Funny The Way It Works
S1E88 – Think In Pictograms
S1E89 – The Bliss Of Self Induced Stupidity
S1E90 – You Are The Power
S1E91 – Your Happy Soul
S1E92 – Just Walk Away
S1E93 – You Are Worthy Of Love
S1E94 – In Those Tiny Moments
S1E95 – Get Lost In The Stars
S1E96 – What Makes You Feel Good
S1E97 – This Moment Is All There Is
S1E98 – Build A Castle
S1E99 – Seven Billion People
S1E100 – Prison Of Your Mind
S1E101 – Set Your Life On Fire
S1E102 – No One Like You
S1E103 – Life Is A Mystery
S1E104 – The Core Of Addiction
S1E105 – The Magic Gumball Machine
S1E106 – Let’s Keep It Real
S1E107 – You Owe It To Yourself
S1E108 – Do You Baby
S1E109 – The Rest Will Follow
S1E110 – Ghost If You Have To
S1E111 – Give Yourself A Break
S1E112 – Sharpen The Ax
S1E113 – Master Your Life
S1E114 – Embrace Anarchy
S1E115 – The Narcissists False Narrative
S1E116 – Mental Phantoms
S1E117 – Love Can Hide Behind Masks
S1E118 – You Must Have Faith
S1E119 – Be Quiet
S1E120 – The Value Of Every Drop
S1E121 – Audit Your Mind
S1E122 – Work Harder
S1E123 – The Age Of The Soul
S1E124 – All That Matters Is Action
S1E125 – Your Happiness Is All That Matters
S1E126 – Love Requires Practice
S1E127 – It All Comes Down To Action
S1E128 – Let Your Mind Roam Wild And Free
S1E129 – All That You Need
S1E130 – Be Here Now
S1E131 – Mini Reboot
S1E132 – Just Bloom
S1E133 – Follow Your Soul Guide
S1E134 – Steps For Absolute Success
S1E135 – You Are Loved
S1E136 – The Path To Inner Peace
S1E137 – Practice Love
S1E138 – Start Today
S1E139 – A Wise Cookie
S1E140 – Building The New
S1E141 – Prepare Your Mind
S1E142 – Simply Act
S1E143 – Age Is Just A Number
S1E144 – Create Your Own World
S1E145 – Small Tiny Steps
S1E146 – Chasing Down Your Dreams
S1E147 – I Believe In You
S1E148 – The Thing That Will Stop You
S1E149 – The Power Is Inside You
S1E150 – You Will Guide The Way
S1E151 – How You Will Cross The Finish Line
S1E152 – Be Fucking Fierce
S1E153 – You Are Power
S1E154 – Every Night In Bed
S1E155 – You Are Jesus And Judas
S1E156 – They Will Choke On Your Joy
S1E157 – Two Powerful Words
S1E158 – Self Preservation Trumps All
S1E159 – Sweet Revenge
S1E160 – Hidden Meaning Of Your Younger Days
S1E161 – Be A Human Or Thoughts On Social Media
S1E162 – Wishing Or Working
S1E163 – The Key That Unlocks The Universe
S1E164 – Imagination To Inhabit Your World
S1E165 – Dance Like A Madman
S1E166 – Where There Is Hope There Is Love
S1E167 – Into The Abyss Of Dreams And Love
S1E168 – Magically Manifesting
S1E169 – Focus And Believe
S1E170 – A Virtual Kick In The Pants
S1E171 – A Beautiful Mystery
S1E172 – You Are Classic
S1E173 – Shake The World
S1E174 – Your Reaction Is Your Action
S1E175 – Seeking Pure Joy
S1E176 – Go To A Used Bookstore
S1E177 – Failure Is Impossible
S1E178 – Your Spirit’s Song
S1E179 – Books And Bodies
S1E180 – The Gift
S1E181 – Embrace Defeats
S1E182 – Madly In Love
S1E183 – The Silence Of Your Smile
S1E184 – Love Is The Way
S1E185 – The One Skill
S1E186 – The Game Of Life
S1E187 – How To Change The World In One Simple Step
S1E188 – You Can Have It All
S1E189 – The Magic Moment Of Now
S1E190 – A Trip That You Never Go On
S1E191 – Just Keep Moving
S1E192 – Beautiful And Full Of Wonder
S1E193 – All That Matters Is What You Believe
S1E194 – My Dreams Fly Like Wild Horses
S1E195 – One Simple Truth
S1E196 – The Magic Of This Madness
S1E197 – You Will Live Forever
S1E198 – Pursue Your Passion
S1E199 – Dare To Dream
S1E200 – Horror Movies And Haunted Houses
S1E201 – No Time For Fear
S1E202 – The Best Day Of Your Life
S1E203 – A Commitment To Happiness
S1E204 – What Is True For You
S1E205 – The Grand Experiment
S1E206 – Manifest Love
S1E207 – Starting Is Success
S1E208 – The Only Things Worth Having
S1E209 – Peaks And Valleys
S1E210 – The Daring Adventure
S1E211 – Brick By Brick
S1E212 – Such A Miracle
S1E213 – The Secret To Building
S1E214 – All That Exists Is You
S1E215 – TheOnly Step
S1E216 – Another One
S1E217 – Success Is Easy Believing Is Hard
S1E218 – Confidence Will Guide The World
S1E219 – The Train Of Pain
S1E220 – Your Love Is Magic
S1E221 – A Place Of Positivity
S1E222 – Joy And Honor
S1E223 – It Really Is That Simple
S1E224 – The Energy Never Dies
S1E225 – A Waking Nightmare
S1E226 – At The End Of Each Breath
S1E227 – You Obviously
S1E228 – The Stairway To Success
S1E229 – Celebrate You
S1E230 – It Will Be Okay
S1E231 – As Long As You Have Fun You’ve Won
S1E232 – Yours To Enjoy
S1E233 – Confucius Say
S1E234 – That’s All
S1E235 – The Will To Begin
S1E236 – The Miracle
S1E237 – The Blessing You Have Been Given
S1E238 – Lucky Lucky You
S1E239 – Permission To Love
S1E240 – Too Big A Dream
S1E241 – Age Is Meaningless
S1E242 – Design Your Dream
S1E243 – All That Matters
S1E244 – Reality Is A Rainbow
S1E245 – Question The Question
S1E246 – The Map Is In Your Mind
S1E247 – The Last Moment On Earth
S1E248 – You Are The Universe
S1E249 – The Fun Starts Now

Season 2

Season 2 – Jack Spins Shellac

Emmy Award winning and bestselling author Jack Norton shares rare phonograph recordings from his personal collection. Enjoy lost musical gems from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s and learn about Jack’s record collecting adventures. Also, bad dad jokes!

Episode Guide…
S2E1 – Schemers And Dreamers
S2E2 – Aggravatin’ Crazies
S2E3 – Insomniac Spells
S2E4 – Lovesick Hesitations
S2E5 – Corn Lickers
S2E6 – Halloween Hit Parade, Part 1
S2E7 – Halloween Hit Parade, Part 2
S2E8 – Halloween Hit Parade, Part 3
S2E9 – Halloween Hit Parade, Part 4
S2E10 – Diapers And Politicians
S2E11 – Melancholy Bimbo
S2E12 – Dixie Stars
S2E13 – Turkey, Taters N Gravy
S2E14 – Holiday Hit Parade, Part 1
S2E15 – Holiday Hit Parade, Part 2
S2E16 – Holiday Hit Parade, Part 3
S2E17 – Holiday Hit Parade, Part 4
S2E18 – The Drunkard’s Song
S2E19 – Reefer Smokers And Viper Dreams
S2E20 – Cornstars: Rube Music In Swing Time, Part 1
S2E21 – Cornstars: Rube Music In Swing Time, Part 2
S2E22 – Cornstars: Rube Music In Swing Time, Part 3
S2E23 – Cornstars: Rube Music In Swing Time, Part 4
S2E24 – The Easter Parade
S2E25 – Cornstars: Rube Music In Swing Time, Part 5
S2E26 – Cornstars: Rube Music In Swing Time, Part 6
S2E27 – Cornstars: Rube Music In Swing Time, Part 7
S2E28 – Cornstars: Rube Music In Swing Time, Part 8
S2E29 – Cornstars: Rube Music In Swing Time, Part 9
S2E30 – Cornstars: Rube Music In Swing Time, Part 10
S2E31 – Cornstars: Rube Music In Swing Time, Part 11

Season 3

Season 3 – The Only Constant Is Chaos

Emmy Award winning creative duo Jack and Kitty dig deep into their archives to present a random collection of audio adventures just for you! Vintage musicology insights, strange experiences from the road, poetry, comedy and more. You never know what you’ll hear next, because after all…the only constant is chaos!

Episode Guide…
S3E1 – Wizard Oil Vaudeville Company Radio Revue
S3E2 – Dave Van Ronk: Milwaukee Blues
S3E3 – Kitty Norton: Yoga For Everybody
S3E4 – Jack Norton Presents Charlie Poole
S3E5 – Family Friendly Episode! One World Many Stories With The Zinghoppers And Friends Rikki Rockett, Lorie Line, Dr. Jean and more!
S3E6 – The Tiny Tim Story: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
S3E7 – The Tiny Tim Story: The Operator’s Manual
S3E8 – Nasdijj: Echo Chamber
S3E9 – Kitty Norton Reads Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart
S3E10 – Have A Laugh On Me, Or Jack Opens For Leon Redbone