During my yoga teacher training (way back in 2015), I was really frustrated at how advanced many online classes could be, so I decided the first class I ever taught would be designed for everyBODY – and just to make things extra fun, I made a vow to film it and post it online. Yikes!! LOL.

Well, for a long time I was pretty embarrassed by the video…mostly because my weight, I just hadn’t hit my goal yet. Also, Jack was just learning how to record audio outdoors (a big challenge in a city like Minneapolis with airplanes and the surface noise of a busy park)…long story short, he HATES the audio in this video. So a few years ago we took this video down (it lived on YouTube for a year or two and always received great comments back in the day).

But you know what? Taking this video down broke my heart.

Why not share with Purrfect (that’s what I call YOU!) all aspects of my life? Not everything I do has to be perfect. In fact, nothing I do ever will be.

I designed this class so EVERYBODY could practice along with me. Bodies of all shapes. Bodies of all sizes. Bodies with experience. Bodies with none. All bodies. Every bodies. All bodies are beautiful!

Your body is just a vessel for the soul…so stop stressing. Just be. You. Me. We. There is nothing but peace and love here. This place is safe. I am safe. You are safe. We are home. Together. Our home is our body, our vessel, the temporary dwelling of our eternal soul. And you know what? My soul doesn’t give a damn about my thick thighs or juicy butt. What my soul does care about is feeling good…and sharing with others how to feel good. Yoga works to feel good. The sequence that I developed for this video will make you feel good too. I promise. Let go. Stop worrying. Just be. Pure love. That is what yoga REALLY is. Yoga is for everyBODY!

Here’s that simple, relaxing, (and hopefully inspiring) hour-long beginner’s class…complete with my thick thighs, juicy butt and Jack’s shitty audio…enjoy! 😉

PS: Thanks to hubs Jack for filming/editing this (sorry you have to relive you trauma meow! Hehe) and a huge thanks to my girls Leah, Meg, Rita, Melody and Jane for being a part of the fun! Xoxo, Kitty

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