10th grade. The moment he walked into our performing arts high school music audition with his knickers, newsboy cap, ukulele and the kindest eyes I’d ever seen…that was the moment I knew he was mine. Since day one, he’s been nothing but the epitome of an Angel, always by my side loving me more than I, most times, knew how to love myself. Protecting me, guiding me, making me fall in love with him all over again, day after day, eternally. Thanks for always making me laugh until I’m breathless and ugly crying, smiling at me as we explore distant horizons, and holding my hand through this entire giddy, beautiful, fucked up and amazing adventure we call life. Our life. Forever and always in our Infinite Now. Happy Birthday, my unconditional love, best friend and soulmate. My joy, my happiness, my Universe. Mine. I’d have it no other way. I knew it that day, way back when, and I know it now. It seems I’ve known it forever. You’re pure magic. Happy Birthday, Jack ️