In my last post, I shared with you about that time the US Pentagon sent us to 19 countries on a World Tour with The Zinghoppers Show. As I mentioned, we’re slowly coming to a close on our blog trip down memory lane relating to the preschool property that Jack and I co-created called The Zinghoppers. If you’re curious, just follow the links to read more about that time we created an Emmy Award winning preschool TV show, or learn about the madness of pursuing your dreams and making an Emmy Award winning preschool TV show that should have cost $250K for $10K (that link has videos from Season 1 of the series). As if that wasn’t enough content for ‘ya (grin) be sure not to miss: On This Episode Of Catfish, or filming the next season of our Emmy Award winning preschool TV show without a “Real” Director – in which we discuss the insanity that was the filming of Season 2 of The Zinghoppers Show.

Today, I wanted to share with you two more short videos. The first is of rock star Rikki Rockett who co-founded the band Poison with his pal Bret Michaels. The band has sold more than 45 million records worldwide and 15 million records in the United States alone…pretty wild stuff! The other video I wanted to share is a media appearance by Lorie Line, a Twin Cities based new-age pianist who is a true Minnesota legend. Like seriously, her annual holiday concert extravaganzas are THE event for many folks celebrating Christmas in the Midwest.

Why share these two? Well, because we made a children’s spoken word album that was pre-nominated for a GRAMMY Award (didn’t make the final nominations cut, sadly) with our kids group, the Zinghoppers and both Rikki and Lorie were involved. We even had preschool teacher superstar Dr. Jean make an appearance on the album (did you know there are preschool teacher superstars?). It’s called “One World, Many Stories” and you can learn more about it here: If you’d like to jump in and listen to it for free, we made it a special family-friendly episode of the Jack and Kitty Podcast (look for Season 3, Episode 5). The Jack and Kitty Podcast is on Spotify and most every podcast listening platform worldwide.

What I’m so proud of is the Zinghoppers commitment to inclusion, tolerance, acceptance, peace and love. It’s something we need more of in this world. Peace and love. I mean, we brought together a preschool teacher and the drummer from Poison – that’s pretty freakin’ wild, and I love it!

It’s become clear to me that most of the world’s problems can be solved by applying one simple word: UNDERSTANDING.

If we stopped fighting for a damn minute and tried to seek understanding, we’d all be better off. Would we have world peace overnight? No. Would the Left and the Right come together to sing “Kumbaya”, not immediately. But if we raise our collective vibration with a commitment to peace and love…and a desire for true understanding…we’d all be so much happier and healthier. And maybe, just maybe, the world would settle down and humanity would advance forward…

Help me, Purrfect. Make a commitment to practice understanding. Listen to both sides, follow folks on Twitter you don’t agree with, break out of your social bubble. Listen. Love. Be Light. You are Light. We all are. Understand?


PS: If you have families with little ones in your life, I know they’d enjoy our music. It’s available on every major online retailer and streaming site worldwide (just search for “The Zinghoppers!”). Albums are available in our shop as well. Thanks for your continued support.

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