Well, we’re slowly coming to a close on our blog trip down memory lane relating to the preschool property that Jack and I co-created called The Zinghoppers. If you’re curious, just follow the links to read more about that time we created an Emmy Award winning preschool TV show, or learn about the madness of pursuing your dreams and making an Emmy Award winning preschool TV show that should have cost $250K for $10K (that link has videos from Season 1 of the series). As if that wasn’t enough content for ‘ya (grin) be sure not to miss: On This Episode Of Catfish, or filming the next season of our Emmy Award winning preschool TV show without a “Real” Director – in which we discuss the insanity that was the filming of Season 2 of The Zinghoppers Show.

Today I wanted to quickly share a few videos from our World Tour. How did this come to be? Actually, it was pretty crazy. Things were exploding for us in Nashville and this led to an invite for us to play at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC. Shortly after that fun trip, we got a call from a Colonel at the US Pentagon. At first, Jack and I thought it was a friend pranking us, but sure enough – it was legit. Someone from the US Armed Forces had caught our show and thought we were perfect to send on a goodwill mission overseas. We were asked to play 24 shows in 19 countries over the course of 3 weeks. We’d fly in to Europe and travel throughout, then we’d make our way to the Mediterranean and finally end things in the Middle East. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, plus we’d be playing these shows for families of US military personnel…so it was a way to serve our country. We didn’t hesitate to say “yes”!

Jack and I assembled a team of eight performers, a tour manager and a videographer. Back on our old YouTube channel, we posted the following videos as “Daily Vlogs” (this was about five years before one of our favorite vloggers – Casey Neistat – started his series, and if you haven’t watched his vlogs I really encourage you to do so). Anyhow, as per our usual madness, the pace of performing several shows a day (sometimes in multiple countries on the same day), travel, and then filming/editing/posting a daily vlog was crazy. And this was back in 2011 when most people didn’t even really know what a “vlog” was…especially our preschool audience (LOL)!! Well, somehow we did it – and this series of vids is the result.

I look back at these videos now and they are a bit cringey (I’m especially self-conscious about my weight)…by the way, I wrote a book called The Unbecoming all about how I lost 345 pounds completely naturally without any gimmicks. It’s available in our shop and at every major retailer worldwide (in eBook and paperback formats). But despite my feelings about these videos, I wanted to re-post and re-share them on our new Youtube channel (be sure to like, comment and subscribe…it REALLY helps us a LOT!).

Why do I want to share them? Mostly because I am proud of what Jack (my high school sweetheart and soulmate) and I accomplished: within a few years of launching my dream…with NO MONEY and NO RESOURCES…starting with a puppet I made from some bright colored socks I found at a Goodwill in rural southern Minnesota…we ended up touring the world, traveling to some of the most unreal locations.

Places like the Leaning Tower of Pisa…climbing (somehow) to the top of Mount Etna and seeing steam pouring out of an active volcano…wandering ancient castles in Germany…seeing beautiful mosques in Bahrain…floating in the Dead Sea and looking at Israel from the banks of Jordan…visiting a cave in Greece…trying cacao from a tree on the side of the road somewhere in Greece (or was it Italy?)…flirting with beautiful Dutch women in Rotterdam…eating waffles in Belgium…seeing the pyramids in Egypt from our plane…and a few minutes later being detained at the Cairo airport and having our passports taken as we were driven around the tarmac by a shady looking dude (for five hours) who then had us get on a private plane and told us “you were never in Egypt” as he handed back our (un-stamped) passports (somehow we made it to our show that night on time and in one piece)…but more than anything: singing! Singing for families of US Military on the ten year anniversary of 9/11. Having soldiers thank us for happy moments they got to spend with their children. Handing out loads of free CDs and stickers to families all across the world. I did all that. WE did all that.


We weren’t lucky and we definitely weren’t rich…

We were fearless.

Fearless in our absolute pursuit of my dreams.

That’s what Jack and I were then. That’s what we are today.


And today, that’s what I want to encourage you to be too, Purrfect. Fearless. Go for it. Start that business. Talk to that crush. Pursue that hobby. Go for it. Let go of what the world tells you to be…should be…can’t be…can be…listen to that voice inside of you that knows what is right…that knows what you need to do. The voice that whispers softly: “Go for it!”

You’ll be so damned glad you did! I love you, Purrfect, more than you will ever know. I hope you like these videos. Thanks for reading my words and watching one of my past dreams unfold. Now I have future plans that are very, very, VERY different than this past stage of my life, but this was a part of my world and I want to share everything with you. Together we’ll continue down this journey. And remember, if you need someone to listen, you can always drop me an email and let me know how you are doing (hello@jackandkitty.com). Talk soon, ok? Love you!


PS: If you have families with little ones in your life, I know they’d enjoy our music. It’s available on every major online retailer and streaming site worldwide (just search for “The Zinghoppers!”). Albums are available in our shop as well. Thanks for your continued support.

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