Hello Purrfect,

A few weeks ago I uploaded Yoga For EveryBODY: A Beginner’s Yoga Class on our new YouTube channel (please be sure to like, comment and subscribe)…I also wrote a blog about how challenging, scary, fun and rewarding teaching (and filming) that class was for me…

Well today, I ran across some more yoga related goodies I wanted to share with you. Jack and I filmed and produced a few videos for a Danish friend of ours we met at a studio in the Twin Cities. Maria Toso is a great yoga instructor, and I think you’ll love watching these videos. Enjoy!

And let’s talk soon!


PS: My class, Yoga For EveryBODY is also available in an audio-only format…as a FREE download! Just visit: https://jackandkitty.com/product/yoga-for-everybody-audiobook