Purrfect, SPELLS is out meow!! Jack and I wanted to do something fun for you this Halloween…so we made a short film. I hope you like it (read below about the making)…

Music, Mocha and Meltdowns: How I Lost My Mind Making “Spells”

EEEEEeeeeek! Purrfect…We’re finally releasing this…after sitting in my computer’s buried digital caverns for way too long…we’re FINALLY dusting off this footage and adding music to it.

Speaking of music…I wrote, programmed and recorded this song in a very quick burst of creativity over a few days and then hit a brick wall. Why?

Covid. You see, with all of our other tracks, after I’d (or most times, Jack and I) completed our songs, we’d schedule a mixing and mastering session with our audio engineer to hash out the final mix in person (which is no laughing matter because, on average, I go HAM and obsessively program a FEW HUNDRED tracks of instruments, vocals, etc LOL). This time, after a long reckoning with quarantine, I decided to forgo having ANY help from an engineer (and stay safe) and to start the long and arduous process of battling my fears of sound engineering. And, to be extra thrifty, I decided to do it only on my computer at home and not invest in and additional equipment or software.


How hard can an audio engineer’s job be, right? I mean, they just adjust a few knobs when I tell them to.


An epic – tearing – my – hair – out- in – my – echo – chamber – Jack – leaving – the – house – for – long – walks – getting – back -on – caffeine – slowly – losing – my – mind- meltdown.


After multiple versions (and multiple pep talks) it came down to this.

Creativity is SUPPOSED to challenge you. This is HOW you get better.

One step, one struggle, and one button at a time.

My hats off to you, all you underappreciated audio engineers out there…

And to Jack, who has the patience of a freakin’ saint!

I’m proud to release this song, and excited to challenge myself with the next one on the docket…hopefully by my birthday in a few days. Wish me luck. Metric shit-tons of it lol

Thanks for reading (and listening), Purrfect! I hope you like it!

XOXO Kitty =^.^=

Soundtrack On Our Shop Now…Also, Coming Soon To All Streaming Platforms

Super excited about the soundtrack. This EP will include the song as it appears in the film and an instrumental version. It’s available now in our shop: https://jackandkitty.com/product/youre-mine – and will be coming soon to all music platforms. Be sure to listen on Spotify, that really helps me a lot!! 🙂

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