Woke up with the dreaded feeling that I’d have to leave the compound/commune and head into humanity…before sun rise I went and played Santa Claus…dropping off some presents for our neighbors….

Then, on the way to get our booster we got a notice that the pharmacy we were going to is now also a testing site and to expect very long lines…we didn’t wanna be waiting around with a bunch of folks (who most likely wouldn’t be wearing masks) so we pivoted and found a grocery store that had the booster we wanted to get…amazing at how many people were there wandering around like nothing is happening, no masks…not a care in the world…so odd to me…

No waiting at the grocery store for a booster. Amazing to me. A free booster to stay healthy and help others stay healthy and there was no one getting it.

Even though Kitty and I are now both triple vaxxed (thank God), I still socially distance and only go into the grocery once or twice a month. I also wear a double mask. The science behind what is happening in this world should not be ignored…

But so many are ignoring it.

Reminds me of that surreal feeling I started to have in January 2020 when we were in Tulsa, Oklahoma working on a film project. We started hearing about the pandemic and immediately started to mask up and avoid unnecessary outings. I haven’t gone into a cafe, ordered any food, gone to a movie or to a concert since then. I feel it’s my patriotic duty and my responsibility to my fellow humans…avoid unnecessary entertainment and distractions, only shop when necessary, get vaxxed, wear a mask, take this pandemic seriously.

But back in early 2020 everyone in Tulsa looked at us like we were nuts, then a few months later the world went into lockdown. Now here we are on the eve of new year and things feel as precarious as they did two years ago…the science and news behind the new variant indicates we’re in for a long, painful winter full of loss…so much of which is preventable…

I don’t know…it all just makes me sad. Some days are harder than others, and today was one of those days. Seeing humans running around full of Christmas distraction in the midst of a global pandemic is a bizarre and unsettling feeling. I hope I’m wrong and just over-reacting. I hope the news of potential medical breakthroughs pan out…but in the meantime, I’ll remain the weirdo that wears a mask and takes this all seriously.

I love my fellow man too much to do anything else.

Stay healthy and safe!

Love you,
Jack (& Kitty)

PS – No creative work done today. Just the booster shot, picked up packages and went to the coop to get a month’s work of food. Shouldn’t need to venture out again until late January. Thank God.

PPS – I’m not really in that shitty of a mood. How could I be? The greatest band in the world just released a new single. Shark. Oh My Girl. Here ‘ya go…