Kitty and I co-wrote/produced/directed…she’s currently busy composing/performing the film’s score…I served as cinematographer/editor. Thankfully my part of post-production is done, now it’s all in her paws. Hehehe.

Anyways, the above pic was taken between takes. She thinks I look like I was dropped from a UFO. Perhaps I was. I have no idea. I was too cold to understand anything that was happening! 😉

By the way…we have a new account just for our next feature film Infinite Chaos. Be sure to follow us at: – we’ll be postings tons of set photos taking pre-pandemic, post production pix from now(ish)…and eventually share stills, posters and movie trailers. Don’t miss out, slam that follow button meow!!

Talk soon,

Jack (& Kitty)