Last night I had a strange experience. Was taking a shower (that’s not the strange part, I do that every day, don’t worry). But while in the shower I closed my eyes to wash my hair and I started watching a movie in my mind. It was FILMUSICHAOS: THE MAKING OF INFINITE CHAOS. I “saw” or “watched” the movie, pretty much in its entirety, but only in fast-forward. But I was able to see/interpret the entire thing as if it was playing in real time…yet the experience only lasted about thirty seconds or so.

I jumped out of the shower and wrote the first draft of the script I “watched”. It’s strange and unlike anything I’ve tried to make before. But it really works as an accompanying visual support for the feature film. Will work out the kinks in the script/screenplay(?) later today. Fun and weird experience!!

Woke up and did accounting, which I usually do on Thursdays but tomorrow I gotta wake up early to get to my vaccine booster shot appointment. I’m so excited to be getting it!! 🙂 Also did my weekly vlog which I shoot throughout the week as a personal journal…and I never share/post/watch it. Just a way to preserve my thoughts and memories. Been doing that for years now…

Spent morning setting up stuff with a new distribution partner for the paperback version of my book DIRTY LITTLE COMICS: THE COMPLETE SERIES. We wanted to go way wider than Amzn with this title (it’s a perennial seller for us) – plus I despise the limitations Amzn puts on authors (read: “censorship”), as well as how they treat indie authors. So, formatted book, proofed a digital copy as well. Should get a physical paperback to proof in a week or two then it’ll take about eight weeks to get the books shipped out to stores everywhere around the world. Very exciting!!

Rest of day was spent coming up with a new way of organizing our IP – books, music, audiobooks, films, etc. I need a massive spreadsheet and so I spent the day figuring that out. Kinda boring but necessary for what’s ahead: 2022! 😉

Ok, more tomorrow. About to get the 3rd jab!! Hooray!

Jack (& Kitty)

PS: Tonight I’ll flesh out the script of the movie I watched last night…but have yet to make! 😉