Early morning…worked on publishing/business stuff for my ghost writing…

Screened the film last night. Was officially decided that I have finished my final edit of INFINITE CHAOS. Turned it over to Kitty so she can score the film. Running time is 1 hour 55 minutes, which flies by. Very proud of this one.

Now, working on organizing files for the Behind The Scenes/Making Of Documentary which I think will be called FILMUSICHAOS: THE MAKING OF INFINITE CHAOS. I imagine it will be about 20 to 30 minutes long (??).

Once I move all the files for the BTS Doc over I’ll have the re-link clips in the final edit file of INFINITE CHAOS which shouldn’t be too hard but will be annoying as it’s just a waste of time and horrible UX thanks to Adobe Premiere.

Helped Kitty set up a camera/microphone so she can document the music creation process over the next several months. Will add that footage to the BTS Doc once she’s done. She’s updating from Garage Band to Logic. I’m excited to hear the stuff she comes up with!

Finally, tinkering with website/blog…and I’d call that a successful day.

Jack (& Kitty)