Woke up feeling much, much better. Definitely not back to “normal” but way better than yesterday. I think I feel asleep around 7:30 last night and slept until 6:30 this morning…which is way more sleep than I usually get. I average three or four hours a night, but feel fully rested.

That said, I spent the day getting audios for a pen name onto a new platform. Was able to finish entire back catalog which is nice. While waiting for stuff to upload I wrote a story for another pen name. Tried writing in a completely different style with a different way of going about it. So not just style but the basic tools I use to write I also changed. Was shocked at the outcome. Not necessarily as good of a story as the usual, but the speed in which it was produced was remarkable. I’m going to start playing around with this writing trick and someday will share it with you. For now, it takes a massive shift in your writer’s brain and is a completely different approach to the craft.

Fun to fuck around with trying something so new and so different. Kinda makes me thankful I failed out of Creative Writing in college when I did. Spent so many years trying to forget everything they ever “taught” me. Lessons in writing and lessons in creativity are so very dangerous. Most of what makes writing (and creativity for that matter) good is the spontaneous combustion of the unknown.

So, all in all, a good and productive day. Didn’t really do anything for Christmas this year. Just staying safe and healthy. That to me is the most important way to honor the spirit of Christmas for my fellow man.

Best to you and yours!

Jack (& Kitty who spent the day composing music for INFINITE CHAOS).