We ended up watching Ulrich Seidl’s brilliant Austrian film IN THE BASEMENT last night…I had seen it back in 2015 and loved it. Had an influence on how I approached JUG BAND HOKUM, but Kitty had never seen it…so we watched together last night. It’s a pretty heartwarming Christmas movie. Here’s the trailer…

Woke up feeling better than I have since getting the booster the day before Christmas Eve. Pretty much back to how I normally feel, I guess a slight dull ache in the arm I got the jab, but not annoying at all. It should be a mandatory vaccine at this point. It’s your patriotic duty. Go do the right thing!

Added a bit to the story I wrote yesterday then edited it as per Kitty’s suggestions. Will publish under one of the pen names at the start of the new year.

Worked on a publishing schedule and project calendar for the first six months of 2022…just organizing things…working out details for everything that I want to get done next year…

The rest of the day I designed book covers for a series of books we’ll be publishing under pen names. Designed the standalone short story covers and then also mock-ups of bundle covers. Just experimenting with it, trying to really nail the feel of the genre while standing out looking fresh and branded. It’s a tough task.

Then around dinner time the bathtub exploded here at the compound. Not sure what happened. We went outside to see how to fix it…we kicked around some stuff coming out of the side of the house…did a little dance in the moonlight…froze our asses off…made some snow angels…looked for aliens…used a flashlight pretending like we knew what we were looking for…came back in and everything was fine. Bathtub seems to be working fine. Who knows. Maybe a pipe froze or something and all it took was us looking at it to work again?

The compound is a self fixing entity capable of making its own repairs. Here at New Freetown Christiania we just let things roll as they go and listen to a lot of Roger Miller records while making big pots of hippie stew…

What am I talking about?

Okokokokokokokokokok, I’mma end this now with a pic I shared on my Instagram.

Remember if you like the ‘gram we got the ‘gram! Here’s me: @jackandkittynorton and Kitty: @kittynortonxo and our upcoming movie: @infinitechaosfilm – but anyways, someone I follow on Instagram posted a sweet video of my old pal Bob Larson (the televangelist and Satanic panic era writer)…which reminded me: I’ve never shared the pic I have of me, my babysitter Tiny Tim and Bob Larson hunting demons outside of Des Moines, Iowa. So here ya go…one from the old scrapbooks…

God bless us, every one.

Talk again tomorrorw…if the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise.

Jack (& Kitty who claims she is the one that fixed the bathtub)

PS: Edited the fourth person in the pic because I don’t have their permission to share.