Woke up at 4:00 AM (as per the usual). Started working on publishing tasks from 5:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Got everything done that I needed to. Published a bunch of books and an audiobooks for Kitty’s various pen names. Fun, steady, rewarding work.

Made lunch. Veggies from scratch. Always veggies. Sometimes fruits. Beans, nuts, seeds. If it grows, we eat it. If it wasn’t in the dirt, we don’t. I’ve become a master at making tasty things out of veggies and plants. After lunch went for a three hour walk on the indoor track I set up (too cold to be outside for three hours) & listened to old soul music loudly…

Late afternoon started work on new book. Deciding if it will go out as me or under a pen name. Leaning towards pen because it’s so different & weird. I finished the research on it yesterday. Now I just need to write. Should be done in a week or so. This is a fun one!

Tonight, scanned some old photos and memorabilia I have related to yet another research / book project.

Now writing this…hope you are safe & well!

Jack (& Kitty who hammered out yet another book for our little Fiction Factory!)