Same day as the day before and the day before that. Eating all plants/making vegan food from scratch. Absolutely nothing processed or packaged since before Thanksgiving. Avoiding people and staying away from crowds due to the rising stats of this pandemic (that many don’t seem to give a damn about). Planning huge spring gardens and researching that. Working every day like a madman trying to keep up with all the stories Kitty is writing for her various pen names. She’s really killing it right now and I’m so happy to be overwhelmed by her output. I’m still in research stage for a new book series right now, probably will start working on writing that next week or so…

Okokokokokok for those of you keeping track, here’s the official results of our POISON IVY movie marathon (ranked in best to worst)…

  1. Poison Ivy 3
  2. Poison Ivy 2
  3. Poison Ivy 4
  4. Poison Ivy 1

Also, are you following our upcoming feature film INFINITE CHAOS on Instagram? You should be!! We’ll be sharing tons of behind-the-scenes pix from pre-production and production before we get to stills, clips and movie trailers. Should be pretty awesome! Below is a pic I shared from the first full day of production with cast and crew. From L-R are: Sarah (makeup artist), Taylor (“Sebastian”), Alythia (“Ambrosia”), co-directors Jack & Kitty Norton, Brianna (“Hoodrat”), Justin & Ryan (sound engineers), Peter (production assistant). Fun times!!

Well, stay safe and well. Talk to you again soon!

Jack (& Kitty who is doing yoga right now)