Woke up to a nice surprise. The latest edition of DIRTY LITTLE COMICS: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION is finally back on Amazon (in a really, really beautiful paperback edition and as an ebook)…well, it debuted at #1 on the Amazon Hot New Releases chart in Pop Culture and Graphic Design. Pretty cool. No idea how many copies it’s selling or what kind of numbers we’re talking, but cool to be a #1 bestseller!! Here’s the link for the paperback:

and the ebook:

And a short book trailer:

Morning spent publishing. Afternoon spent planning garden and ordering massive amounts of organic seeds. Can hardly wait to start planting!!

Jack (& Kitty who is ordering soil online & who finished yet another story today)

PS – As of writing this, we’re still #1…it updates hourly, so pretty cool we’ve spent the entire day #1! Here’s a screengrab for the digital scrapbooks…