Another crazy day of publishing. Kitty is a writing machine…I’m struggling to publish all that she is finishing. It’s amazing. An exciting time!!

To take little breaks from the computer I would walk one book at a time into the new office area and set up our vanity shelf full of published books, DVDs and CDs (remember those?). I wish I had a tangible copy of all the digital content we’ve released over the years…but for now, I’m putting up what all we do have. It’s impressive and inspiring (probably only impressive and inspiring to me)…

Last night during a long walk I had an idea that would make for a cool movie that would be pretty easy to shoot. Certainly easier than our (soon to be released) feature film INFINITE CHAOS which we shot outside on the border of Canada in about 10 degree weather in several feet of snow. Won’t be doing that again for quite a long while!! ;p

Not much else to say. Hope you are having a good Sunday!

Jack (& Kitty who…no surprise…is writing right now)