You must be a machine that keeps on going. Keeps on striving for your desires. Keeps on reaching for your goals. Keeps pressing forward. You, the machine. A machine never fails. It never quits. It never stops. It does what it is supposed to do, regardless of outside influence. Think of a coffee pot. It just keeps making coffee, no matter what. You can cuss at the coffee pot. You can scream at the coffee pot. But that doesn’t change the outcome of the coffee pot: it will still make coffee either way. You must be like the coffee pot. You must be a machine that keeps on going. Regardless of the screaming voices all around you. The voices telling you to quit. To stop. To let go of your dreams and desires. I’m here to tell you, your dreams and desires are valid. They are important. And they are absolutely achievable. Be the machine that keeps on going!