I am a self taught musician. A self taught pianist and composer. A self taught producer. A self taught recording engineer. I had no money when I started my journey but I had passion. Passion to create. Passion to make music. Passion to sing and program songs. Over the years, I just keep plugging away, making music, learning, composing. I’m working on a new program right now and it’s driving me nuts. But today Jack reminded me of what one of our studio buddies said when we were living in Nashville. We were at Castle Recording Studios (Google it, it’s amazing!) and recording the soundtrack to our PBS Kids show. I had all the songs programmed and composed on a laptop so old that the studio we were in could hardly access the files anymore. And the engineer we hired said that he first arrived in Music City he learned something from his mentor and it’s profoundly simple: “Everything is always one button away”. Meaning, in a recording studio with all the computers, wires and tech…whatever is holding you up is just one button away.

The answers to all studio problems are just one button away.

Jack taught himself to edit films using this mindset. The answer to the frustrating problem you’re facing is literally one button away.

The lesson? Keep on going. The answer is always one button away.