If this pandemic has taught me anything, and it’s taught me a lot, there is so much value in alone time. There is so much value in time spent quiet. There is so much value in time spent in silence. Alone with your thoughts. Alone with your mind. Alone with your soul. Tuning out the world, so you can tune in to your self. It’s so hard to silence the noise of the world out there, so you can hear the ever-beating tune of your heart’s song. But it is essential! Not leaving, staying at home, quarantining, all of that has given me the opportunity to listen to my body, mind and spirit. I have learned a lot about myself: about my dreams and desires. And I have made a lot of changes over these past two years. I pray that this finds you healthy and happy…and I also pray that you find the time to silence your world, tune in and tune out. You’ll be so glad that you did!