Eventful day at the homestead!

A strange car (it was a white sedan, I think a Chevy) appeared in our driveway. Understand no one EVER drives by our place. Seriously, zero cars. So when someone drives by we know! They pulled into our driveway, parked and filmed our home for awhile. I caught them on cam, but just briefly. There were at least three older adults in the vehicle (Caucasian-looking, approximately 55 – 75 years old): male driver and what appeared to be two female passengers. Female in front passenger seat was filming using her cellphone. Our theory is that these are perhaps friends of our stalker sent to monitor us and report back to him? I’m not sure. It was really odd behavior, even if they are not related to our situation.

Remember, we’ve blogged at length about this and have even written an entire book about our experience (it’s called “Two Stalkers One Goal” and you can download it for free here). Because our stalker is a relative, they can easily pose as a “concerned family member”. They have used this tactic before requesting “wellness checks” with area police departments.

To be clear: Jack and I (Kitty) are healthy and well. We are of sound mind and body. We are not sick nor suicidal. We are very active on social media and our business is thriving (we are authors, filmmakers and musicians). We are also in the early stages of building a small creative colony and spiritual refuge for artists. This will feature an organic farm we are looking forward to starting in a few weeks! We speak to friends and business associates daily. We can be reached via email 24/7/365 at: hello@jackandkitty.com. All non-harassing emails are typically replied to within an hour, but definitely by the end of every business day. We can be reached via open DMs on our (very active) social media platforms:


In short, if you are law enforcement reading this please know that a “wellness check” is not necessary. It is a technique our stalker has used in the past to engage with us and ultimately to harass us. We consider law enforcement a valuable asset to our society and have the utmost of respect for the over-worked and under-paid men and women working as police today. We find our stalker’s behavior a disgusting use of your time and ours.

That said, below is the video I was able to shoot. Should a strange vehicle like this appear again, we have a spare cell phone ready to go and will be live-streaming them on my Instagram.

Thanks again to all our friends that support us both professionally and personally. We are very grateful for all our you.

Kitty (and Jack)