The gurus talk. And talk. And talk. They talk about what will happen. What you should do. What makes them an expert. All gurus are the same: designed to keep you from listening. Designed to keep you from listening to yourself. You, and only you, are the one with all the answers. You may be the question…but you are also the answer. The gurus talk. Some charges money, others charge your soul. Faith in exchange for enlightenment. Money in exchange for a promise of more. And it never comes. The gurus with their big words, fancy presentations and slick tongues are nothing more than con artists, snake oil salesmen, grifters and liars. Fraud is the name of their game. We have all been conned. Conned into a religious way of thinking. Conned into a financial way of living. College is a con, for example. We have been conned into thinking celebrities care. They don’t. They only care about money. We have been conned into thinking politicians care. They don’t. They only care about power. We have been conned into thinking that religious leaders care. Most don’t. They care about praise. The congregation that lifts up its minister is a lost one. The country that lifts up its president is a lost one. The world that lifts up Justin Bieber is a lost one. Silence. Self reflection. You. Only you. The answers to all of life’s mysteries are found within. Look deep. Reflect. You are the question…and you are always, always the answer.


About this photo: These guys come and eat what drops from the bird feeders here on the compound. At first just the front one was visiting us. I named her Playboy (cuz she’s a bunny). Then when she started visiting us with a pal I had to do some quick thinking and renamed her. So folks, meet Miss. February & Miss. March! 😉