Hey Purrfect, it’s Jack. I’ve been thinking a lot about OUR NEW VLOG SERIES. Have you watched the latest episode? It’s called: THE HITCHHIKER. Be sure to like/comment and subscribe to our channel. It really helps us out!

You know, as I said, I’ve been thinking a lot about our vlogs. Kitty and I both were raised in front of a camera. We each started a life as professional musicians before we were ten years old. Pretty crazy. So, I guess you could say we’re “no strangers to the spotlight”. Btw, I’m a realist and know that that “spotlight” is infinitely small and unimportant. We’re very, very far from being “famous” (despite what my local auto mechanic once told me when he discovered I have a Wikipedia page). Hehehe! 😉

Anyways, something has changed over the past few years of lockdowns and avoiding catching the Covids. I think I discovered the simple life. A simple existence. A joy in the small things. Little things. Birds eating from a feeder. Turkeys crossing your yard. Swans in a corn field. Dirt roads. Planting veggies for a home garden (which someday we’ll get to plant but as I write this it’s April 14 and we’re in the midst of a blizzard)…

The approach to our Vlogs has changed because of this discovery. Our Vlogs in the past had been frantic, energetic, and self-absorbed. We thrived in front of the camera. And the stories suffered. In fact, I realized something the other night: most of the Vloggers I used to watch on YouTube, I no longer watch. Over the past few years I have replaced those Vloggers with simpler ones. Folks that focus on the story, the shots needed to tell the story, and NOT the storyteller. You know, it’s damn hard NOT to focus on the storyteller in this social media obsessed world we now find ourselves in. I remember reading somewhere that the number one dream job for elementary kids now is a YouTuber (thought that’s probably changed in the last year to TikTok celeb).

I just can’t stomach the constant mugging, the selfies, the insertion of one’s self into a story which requires nothing but simple shots and a basic narration. So, without thinking about it, we’ve now made four fairly long-ass vlogs all without really being in them. And they are simply a slice of our life. But we’re not mugging, hustling or hamming it up for the camera. And it feels damn good. It’s peaceful, chill and hopefully entertaining.

Last night as I was falling asleep I wrote a list of “Rules” to follow going forward with our Vlogs on the YouTube channel. Here’s what I wrote…

  1. Be real. Be genuine. Be honest. Be yourself.
  2. Don’t censor yourself, but respect the delivery platform’s rules.
  3. Let the story have the spotlight. The story is always the star.
  4. Keep it simple. Don’t overthink.
  5. Don’t fall for the narcissism trap (a need for adoration): it’s easy to fall when you’re on the wrong side of the camera. Stay behind the scene whenever possible.
  6. You are a Filmmaker not a YouTuber.
  7. You make Films not Content.
  8. You document everything and present what makes you happy or the moments you want to remember.
  9. Money never makes decisions.
  10. Have fun. Pause if/when it ain’t. Hit play again when it is. You came to this planet to have fun so document your infinite vacation.

Stay tuned…many more fun vlogs coming for you every week, Purrfect!