Hey Purrfect,

We just made a new page on our website devoted to our new Vlog series. Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube and like/comment on our latest vlog: Spread Your Wings And Prepare To Fly. That really helps us out!

Also, I just made playlists for each of our vlogs (so far). It’s really fun to share some of our favorite tunes with you…so let’s listen and rock out together! Hehehe.

Spotify OST: Episode 1 – That’s A Pretty Good Love
Spotify OST: Episode 2 – Springs Winds
Spotify OST: Episode 3 – Spread Your Winds And Prepare To Fly

Love you and hope you’re having a purrfect day!


PS: I tried uploading the latest vlog to TikTok but it was muted. We have over 1K followers there, but no videos yet! 🙁 Any ideas what Purrfect would want to see us do on TikTok? Lemme know: hello@jackandkitty.com 🙂