Another strange week in this odd time we are living in…I was comforted by this news report. “Comforted” and “News Report” – now those are words you rarely hear used in the same sentence, right!?! 😉

Well, most everything that is said in this MSNBC segement is how I feel about what is happening right now. Though I do think there may be something even more sinister lurking behind the scenes…but either way…this is what is pretty clearly happening on the world’s stage…not necessarily what’s happening backstage…

Regardless of how you feel, this is worth your time watching. Your life may depend on it! By the way, I’m neither left nor right, neither black nor white. I vote by person not by party. I’m very open minded to all perspectives…but ask yourself this question: why are things so “different” in the mass-messaging, when they are the same (or worse) medically/scientifically? Things dat makes dis girl go hmmmmm!!

I pray you are staying safe and healthy during this wild times. Have a peaceful and happy weekend!