Sitting in front of a blank white space on my laptop screen. Thinking I need to fill it with something interesting…something inspiring…something entertaining, unique or fun.

Rather, I’ll use this space as a chance to show up.

And that is all.

Today, I showed up. I made a commitment to blog every day…in addition to putting out our daily minivlogs (on our couple Instagram, Twitter and TikTok) as well as our three times a week big vlogs (on YouTube) and our twice a week YouTube Shorts (also on my Instagram, Twitter and TikTok). It’s a lot to keep track but fun.

Like, really fun.

We’ve been having a blast being our only little two person media company…and today, I have a long ass list of to-do’s I must get to-doing…so, for now, this blog will just be about showing up. Crossing off something from my to-do list and making me feel good.

Most times feeling good is all that really matters.