Jack and I are working hard on trying to figure out a calendar of all our content…we actually know what we are doing now (that’s rare for us)…but I’m trying to figure out a cool graphic to share with Purrfect so you can know exactly what to expect from us.

This is what we are doing…

  • Jack and Kitty Vlog – every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Available on YouTube.
  • Sweet Soothing Shorts – every Tuesday, Thursday. Available on YouTube, Kitty’s Instagram, TikTok, Twitter.
  • Daily Mini Vlog – every day. Available on J&K’s Instagram, TikTok, Twitter.
  • Daily Blog – every day. Available on our website.

Now I just need to figure out a fun graphic to post everywhere so this makes sense! Lolz.

Well, I’ll keep working on it…hopefully I’ll have something to share with you tomorrow ! Hehe.