Soooo hey Purrfect. It’s Friday. Hope you had a great week…and a fun weekend planned !! πŸ™‚

Jack and I are still getting settled in our new place…even though it’s been a month. Wowza!! Crazy how routine and schedules get so messed up when a move happens. Hehe.

In the midst of all this, our website crashed again. Twice, actually. It’s been happening so frequently that we finally decided to up and move things. We are now hosted on a new company and it seems to be working (fairly) smoothly. Some of the links and photos are broken/lost so I’m working on re-coding those elements. I’m also updating our own personal webstore from Woocommerce (built within our site) to Payhip. It’s a better fit for us, and hopefully will be more user-friendly for you too !! πŸ™‚

It’s pretty basic now, but I’ll be building out a lot more in the coming daze :

The sad thing is, that I had a really awesome site for my pen name and our secret publishing company…that site appears to have been lost somewhere in cyberspace…thanks to our old web host Hostgator (can I stress how horrible they are?!?)…

So I’m delegating and having Jack re-build that site from the ground up. Baby Boy ain’t too happy !! Hehe…

Well, just a little update from here at J&KHQ.

We love you !!


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