A few years ago we hired a consultant to help us with our digital world…websites, social media, etc. After some years of experience, I’ve released what a total fraud she was. She got our money, we got nothing but bad advice.

She recommend we host this website with HostGator, and honestly the first year or so was great. Then, the company went to hell. Now our website disappears on a monthly basis. Our email service is so horrible we had to go back to using Gmail.

With no warning our site was down yet again all day yesterday. HostGator provides no help on chat, they used to have phone help but they no longer answer the line and their Twitter help account is frustratingly useless. So, tomorrow, I’ll be learning how to move a website from one host to another.

Actually I will have to do this with multiple sites as Jack and I run several for our different businesses. I am not really looking forward to doing this all day tomorrow, but it will be a new skill I will learn, so that is a good thing.

Talk to you tomorrow here (hopefully!) hehe.