Why on earth would someone jump in a frozen lake during winter? Let’s ask the Ice Men of Minnesota…friends who love to take an ice bath.

Would you take an ice bath in Minnesota? There’s a special kind of magic to be found in the bracing chill of Winona, Minnesota’s winter, a frozen wonderland where two friends dare to dive into the frosty thrill of ice baths. Meet Vincent and Parker, two warm-hearted adventurers who welcome the sub-zero temperatures not with resistance, but with open arms, literally. As they break through the icy shell of Lake Winona on the coldest days of the season, they plunge into the icy depths beneath, turning an act of endurance into a soul-cleansing ritual. Surrounded by the city’s stunning bluffs dusted with fresh snow, the two friends shiver and laugh, their camaraderie warming the air around them even as their bodies tingle from the icy immersion. It’s a testament to the unbreakable bonds of friendship and the undeniable allure of Winona in winter. This is a tale of chilling thrill, human resilience, and shared laughter echoing over the ice-kissed cityscape, a story that only the heart of Minnesota can tell.

Today we’re in our hometown of Winona, Minnesota because we have questions…

Like why on earth would someone subject themselves to jump in a frozen lake during the dead of winter?

And what’s the benefit of that?

We found answers for you…in our latest vlog! We loved talking to The Ice Men of Minnesota!

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Ice bath
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Did You Know There Are Benefits to an Ice Bath?

Ice baths may reduce inflammation, boost your mood, and relieve pain!

Evidence suggests that ice baths support a healthy immune system.

Ice bath
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Wim Hof Made Ice Baths Famous

Wim Hof is a famous Dutch athlete with 21 Guinness World Records…

He climbed Mount Everest and Kilimanjaro…only wearing shorts.

Wim credits ice baths to a secret of his success as an athlete!

Are There Mental Benefits of an Ice Bath?

Ice baths might be good for your mental health, too.

Exposing your body to cold water may help you adapt to stress over time

But be careful! Taking an ice bath can be risky, especially if you have certain health conditions, so be sure to talk to your healthcare provider before you try one.


Would you ever consider taking an ice bath in the dead of winter?

It’s cold but can be fun. Let us know your thoughts in the comments here or on our YouTube channel.

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