Hello, Purrfect !!

We’re very excited to be releasing a new travel vlog series and related blog relating to all things travel. The first episode of The Adventures of Jack and Kitty goes live at 8:00 AM CST on our YouTube channel…yee haw !!

In this series we’ll be bringing you to quirky and fun places all over the world…with the next few months having a focus on our home state of Minnesota. If you’ve ever been to the Land of 10,000 Lakes…well, you know just how fun it can be. We plan on showcasing a few tourist attractions…but more than anything we plan on taking you to little hidden gems all over the state. Things you just don’t usually see on your average travel channel…

Over the summer, we’ll be expanding this format out to the United States and Europe…so buckle up, it’s going to be a fun year.

Just so you know what to expect from The Adventures of Jack and Kitty here’s some fast facts and stats…

  • Our YouTube channel is where vids drop : https://www.youtube.com/c/JackAndKitty – be sure to subscribe so you never miss out on any of the fun !!
  • New Episodes at 8:00 AM CST every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Related blog posts every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on our website ! Here’s a link to bookmark : https://jackandkitty.com/blog
New Travel Blog and Vlog Series Launches Today!

We’d love to have you be on our pal on social media !! Hehe. Going forward, we’ll be focusing on: Instagram, TikTok and Twitter only.

You know, we started our vlog series on the YouTube channel less than a year ago…we posted our first vlog on March 21, 2022…and it’s been fun watching that develop from a homesteader vlog to a life/weird vlog…to now a vlog series focused only on travel. We released 56 long-form vlogs and 157 short minivlogs before we found our voice. Along the way we amazingly got 1,000+ new subscribers and consequently have been accepted by YouTube. Hooray !! A million and one thank yous for watching and supporting us…

You know, travel vlogging (and blogging) is something we have wanted to do exclusively for many years now…we just have been too scared to take the plunge and make it official. Life is a series of choices…we’re committed to the ones that always bring happiness and joy. And nothing sounds like more fun than this…

So join us…the first episode in this new format/series drops in about an hour at https://www.youtube.com/c/JackAndKitty – a related blog post will be published here tomorrow at 8:00 AM CST.

Thanks for supporting us…we love you sooo much !!

Jack and Kitty

About the Authors
Jack and Kitty Norton are Emmy Award winning travel experts. They have spent a lifetime on the road: as traveling musicians, documentary filmmakers and television producers. They now focus on writing for their travel blog (JackAndKitty.com) and making fun videos for their YouTube channel. Jack and Kitty offer travelers fun and quirky things to do in Minnesota, the Midwest and beyond. High school sweethearts turned married soulmates, the couple lives in the small college town of Winona, Minnesota and would love to have you over for some hotdish.

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