Today we’re answering one of our most asked questions: Is Minneapolis Safe? Here’s some unbiased facts and stats from a local.

When people find out Kitty and I are from Minneapolis, one of the questions we get the most is: Is Minneapolis safe? This question has been increasingly common, especially over the past few years.

As a lifelong resident of Minneapolis, and a proud Minnesotan, all I can say is: yes. I feel safe most of the time I am in the Twin Cities. Last summer, we actually moved about two hours south of Minneapolis to a town called Winona. It’s a small college town and we moved here not because of Twin Cities crime, but because of cost of living and because of Winona State University. But, I wouldn’t think twice about moving back to Minneapolis and I’m in the cities at least once a week.

Remember, in our videos and blogs we use the term “Minneapolis” somewhat generically. I think of Minneapolis not as the actual city, but as the entire metro area – which is huge. The population of Minneapolis the city is only 425,000…but the Minneapolis metro area – which includes the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul has a wayyyy bigger population: 3.69 million people! In today’s video, we’re discussing the Minneapolis metro area. I’ll be using the terms “Minneapolis” and “Twin Cities” interchangeably. 

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Is Minneapolis Safe
Yes, Minneapolis is beautiful…but this pic is of our current home city of Winona. And boy, oh boy, is Winona ugly!! Hehe…joking! For more pix around Minnesota (and the rest of the world), connect with us on Instagram.

Minneapolis: Very Average

According to, the crime rate in the Twin Cities is about the same as the average US Metro area. Minneapolis is nearly smack dab in the middle for safety, sitting at the 48th percentile. This means 52% of metro areas in other cities are safer, and 48% are more dangerous. So, it’s decidedly average.

Thankfully, last year violent crimes dropped considerably. By nearly 20%. Hopefully this is a poisitive trend that will continue. I suspect it will.

Now, if you’re coming to the Twin Cities as a tourist, most everywhere you’ll go is in a nicer part of town. There are only a few pockets in Minneapolis that you really have to worry about. As a tourist, you probably won’t be going to these neighborhoods. If you do have to go to these neighbors, visit during the day. I’d avoid going at night to the neighborhoods of Hawthorne, Midtown Phillips, East Phillips, Ventura Village, Near North and parts of Central.

Is Minneapolis Safe
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What You Should Be Worried About

Honestly, if you’re from out of town, your biggest worry shouldn’t be the crime. It should be the winter weather. I’m not joking! It can get very icy on roads and sidewalks. If you’re not used to driving in the snow, I’d recommend using public transportation or getting an Uber or Lyft. If you’re from somewhere warm, you might not be used to walking on icy sidewalks. This can be very dangerous. Take it easy, wear shoes or boots with good traction and slow down. The last thing you want is a broken arm!

Now, over the past few years you may have heard of racial tensions in the news. As a mixed race couple we’ve never had any problems or felt nervous at all. Honestly, the majority of Minnesotans are very friendly, kind and open-minded. Usually I’d say I can’t speak for my wife Kitty, but in this case I can: she wrote today’s vlog. As a person of color, she feels quite welcomed and safe in the Twin Cities. Minneapolis is a wonderfully diverse city, with tons of mixed race couples, many ethnic groups and a vibrant LGBTQ+ community. We’re not about to let a few bad eggs get the best of us! As the old saying goes: don’t let one bad apple ruin the whole bunch. 

Here’s a few general tips for safety in the Minneapolis metro area. The neighborhoods of Linden Hills and Southwest Minneapolis are the safest. The three main lakes – Harriet, Calhoun and Lake of the Isles are all very safe. If you want to venture out into the ‘burbs, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Edina, Woodbury or Maple Grove. 

In general, I’d recommend simply using common sense when visiting Minneapolis. The same rules here go for just about anywhere in the world: follow your gut. If something feels weird or off, it probably is. So avoid weird situations. Be aware of your surroundings. This means phone down, and head up. Just look around and be aware. Finally, ladies, keep track of your drink at bars and nightclubs. Like I said, this is common sense and it certainly applies here just as much as anywhere.

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Is Minneapolis Safe
Oh for yum !! When you’re in Minnesota, be sure to try some hotdish. It’ll help keep you warm.

Minnesota Nice and Hotdish

When visiting Minnesota you’ll find that most folks are very, very friendly and very helpful. This is especially true if you are a tourist. Like I said, the numbers prove Minneapolis is average…and thankfully only getting better! 

Minneapolis is an awesome place with tons of fun things to do and see. We have amazing restaurants and some of the best coffeehouses in the country. There’s also a vibrant art scene and more parks and green spaces than you’ll have time for. It’s clean and cozy and someone here will probably make you a hotdish if you stay long enough. So don’t worry. You’ll be fine.

Stay safe, enjoy your trip and most of all…have fun!

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