There are places in this country…tucked away places…hidden places…backwoods places…that are a shrine to love.

There are places in this country…tucked away places…hidden places…backwoods places…that are a shrine to love.

A dedication to something wholesome…and good. Away from all of the noise and all of the distractions, these places exist for no other purpose…other than love.

Nelson’s Rush River Ice Sculptures in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin is one of those places.

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A Dedication to Something Wholesome and Good

Maybe this is what is meant by a “labor of love”. Simply a task done for pleasure…and that is the reward.

I guess that’s what our new video is. Something we did because it was fun…and rewarding to make.

You see, today we’re visiting a special places where love is the reward. A place where love is a verb. 

Love is an Action

Love is an action.

In this case, the place we are visiting is a place where love – the action of love – can be seen in the ice. Sculptures towering over 30 feet. Winding and dancing like frozen creatures that come alive in the crisp, frigid air.

A place in Wisconsin, tucked alongside the Rush River, where Roger Nelson simply wanted to give his grandkids…a visual gift of love.

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A Gift of Love Made Out of Ice

A gift of love made out of ice. Whimsical, magical frozen creations for Reese, Cooper, Rowan, Brinklee, Regan, Jersey, Brita, Knox, Hattie, Jagger and Cruz…to enjoy.

Grandpa Roger lovingly calls them his Rush River Crew.

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So he rigged up his 420 acre farm with a series of underground pipes leading down below the surface to a natural artesian aquifer…some 650 feet below his homestead. Water pumped through PVC pipes in an act of love. 

It’s a gift Roger gave his family…and now, thanks to folks like the Nelsons…it’s a gift the whole world can enjoy.

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  • Nelson’s Rush River Ice Sculptures is located at 2696 Cty Rd A in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin
  • They have an active Facebook page where you can see more pix and find out all the latest travel info 
  • It’s very icy so be careful and wear boots with good traction
  • Also, the road we took to get there was a bit icy – we were thankful to be in a truck with four-wheel drive
  • Consider visiting at night as the ice sculptures are colorfully lit (we chose a visit during the day so we could take pix and make a video)
  • There is a port-a-john there, but no nearby convenience store or gas station. Pack a snack and a warm cup of coffee!
  • This is a winter season destination. The best time to visit is in the cold months of January and February – so plan accordingly. 

Want a short video tour? Just watch this!

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