Do you dream of escaping to a city of nonstop fun under the sun?

Do you dream of escaping to a city of nonstop fun under the sun?

Pristine sandy beaches, neon lights and pulsating dance music?

Then here’s your expert guide to Miami…the Magic City!

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Everglades National Park

If you think “Florida” you probably think “alligators”, and this is where you’ll find them. No visit to Miami is complete with a visit to the largest wetlands in the world: Everglades National Park…a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The biggest decision you’ll face is where to go in the Everglades. There are three entrances and they are hours apart from each other. We recommend the Shark Valley entrance which is just west of downtown Miami.

If you have the time, try biking in Shark Valley. This offers great bird watching and alligator sightings. Check with the park to see admission fees, it has increased over the years. Also, be on the lookout for occasional free days. One tip: you may not have cell phone service in parts of the Everglades, so just be aware of that.

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Miami Beach

What can we possibly say about Miami Beach that hasn’t been said before? It’s a must-visit if you’re in the Magic City. A trip to Miami without going to the beach is sort of like a trip to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower.Β 

Remember, Miami sun is no joke. You will get sunburned if you don’t apply plenty of sunscreen. 

Locals are generally friendly to us tourists, but there are some unspoken rules to follow when you visit Miami Beach.Β 

First, respect sunbathing space. Thankfully the beaches of Miami are long and wide and there’s plenty of space to find your own spot. Give your neighbors space.Β 

Bring plenty of water and pack a snack…but be sure to clean up after yourself. Miami residents are notorious for hating litter bugs. Oh, and another tip – it’s illegal to drink in public spaces in the city of Miami. This definitely includes beaches, so don’t bring beer or spirits to the sand.

Finally, remember unless it’s clearly designated as a nudist beach, keep your bathing suit on…all of it. Most beaches are family-friendly so be aware of your wobbly bits. 

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Litte Havana 

Little Havana is our favorite Miami visit. It’s the heart of the immigrant Latino community and bursting with vibrant energy, tasty food and spicy sounds. In the 1960s, exiled Cubans brought the smells of tobacco, the rhythms of Havana and the coffee of Cuba to this neighborhood. 

If you see a tempting restaruant or cafe be sure to try ceviche, the offical dish of Miami. You also can’t go wrong with a Cuban sandwich. And don’t be surprised to find a group of local musicians playing salsa music. 

Even if you have no rhythm like me, the live music scene is so good in Little Havana you might just find yourself up and dancing…of course that all depends on how much Cuban coffee you’ve consumed.

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Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is an incredible experience for the whole family. Thanks to its location in sub tropical weather, it’s the only zoo in the United States that can safely house over three thousand different animals.Β 

If you’re going with the kiddos, we recommend renting a stroller or traveling the zoo by rented bicycle. This is a great way to cover a lot of ground. 

Thankfully, parking at the zoo is free, but admission lines can get long so we suggest you plan ahead and buy your tickets online. This way you’ll get to bypass long lines and keep the whole family happy.Β 

You’ll definitely want to bring your camera because cuteness abounds at Zoo Miami. I could easily spend days wandering and visiting with the adorable animals that call the zoo home.

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Miami Nightlife

When Kitty suggested we make a travel guide to Miami, she made Jack make a simple promise. He can’t sing the Will Smith or LMFAO songs about Miami. He’s also not allowed to mention Pitbull. Sorry, Mr. 305…but he wants a happy wife. Hehe.

The point is, Miami has long been one of the hottest party spots in the world. In America it’s right up there with Las Vegas for fun when the sun goes down.

There are a lot of famous (and snooty) nightclubs in Miami, there’s also tons of chill and laidback spots that are just as hip and fun. Clubs come and go out of fashion all the time, so we suggest asking your hotel or Uber driver for recommendations. Either way, before going out just keep in mind a few things.

First, many Miami nightspots have a semi-strict dresscode. Miami residents love to dress up and get fancy, and you should too. It’s just part of the fun.

Also, Miami is a very late night city. Dinner is typically served around 9:30 or 10:00 PM…drinks around midnight at the club…but the headliner DJ won’t take the stage until 1:00 or 2:00 AM. It’s easy to party until sunrise when you’re in Miami.

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It’s easy to lose yourself in the Magic City. It’s also just as easy to find fun for the whole family.

Maybe that’s what makes the Magic City so magical. Party on the city where the heat is on…all night, on the beach till the break of dawn.

Did we just quote lyrics from “Welcome to Miami”?

Yes, yes, we did. Hehe.

Bienvenidos a Miami!

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