In today’s video tour and short blog post, we’ll explore the beauty of Winona’s friendship cherry blossoms and what they mean to the community that cherishes them.

When spring arrives in Winona, Minnesota, an area on East Lake comes alive with color as the cherry blossoms begin to bloom. These delicate pink and white flowers are a breathtaking sight to behold, and they draw visitors from near and far who come to marvel at their beauty. But for those who live in Winona, the cherry blossoms hold a special significance: they represent the enduring friendships that make this city such a wonderful place to call home. In today’s video tour and short blog post, we’ll explore the beauty of Winona’s friendship cherry blossoms and what they mean to the community that cherishes them.

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Winona's Friendship Cherry Blossoms
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Hey, guys, It’s Jack from Travel with Jack and Kitty! Today, I’m in Winona, Minnesota.

I’m visiting the awesome Japanese cherry blossom trees. These trees came all the way from Japan! They were a gift from our sister city in Japan: Misato, Miyagi. They’re starting to blossom right now and I wanted to show them to you so I made a little video during my morning bike ride around Lake Winona. Be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel: we feature tons of neat things to make your visit to Minnesota a memorable one.

Winona's Friendship Cherry Blossoms
Such a beautiful sign of spring here in Minnesota.

If you want to see the cherry trees yourself, the easiest way to find them is to park near Lakeview Drive Inn, which is a great restaurant, and just walk down the path towards the lake. You could also park near Gepner Pavilion and the Lions Shelter. That’s a nice place for picnic and it’s right near the boat launch. Parking is free in both locations.

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The Friendship Cherry Blossoms are a nice little hidden gem here in Winona. They’re really pretty…and they’re blooming right now.

They’d make a nice backdrop for a selfie or a photo…if you looked a little better than I do! Hehe.

I hope you enjoy this video. After such a long winter, this was a fun sign of spring. Have a super day!

Winona's Friendship Cherry Blossoms
Don’t you just love the vibrant colors of the cherry blossoms?

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