Experience the cutting-edge of creativity with a visit to Winona’s lawnmower robot, the perfect welcome for visitors to this unique Minnesota town. Watch as this innovative roadside attraction impresses with its futuristic design and friendly greeting, adding to the city’s reputation as a hub for quirky fun!

lawnmower robot
This robot totally wants to welcome you to Winona. He also wants you to become our pal on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Hehe.

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Today we’re just outside of Winona, and I made a little friend. We went to hang out with the Lawnmower Robot that welcomes visitors to Winona, Minnesota.

This guy reminds me of one of my favorite episodes of “King of the Hill”, the one where Peggy Hill becomes an artist and makes a pro-bot: a robot made from some of Hank Hill’s propane tanks. Hehe. 

Well, here in Winona we have something similar to Peggy Hill’s probot, but he’s made out of a lawnmower.

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I made a little video which really showcases the Lawnmower Man’s charms. Watch it here – and be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more wacky roadside attractions, quirky fun and hidden gems throughout Minnesota.

If you’d like to visit this friendly fellow (he’s always open for a chat or to take his picture with you) he can be seen by leaving I-90 at exit #252, and following MN-43 North towards Winona. You’ll see him on the right side of the road just before you hit our little town.

Safe travels and have a super day!

lawnmower robot
The Lawnmower Robot’s cute little pal.

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