Paranormal Travel

Get ready for a paranormal travel blog. Explore the unexplained…and the people and places where these strange events occurred.

Welcome to the mysterious world of Jack and Kitty, your trusted guides for exploring Minnesota, the Midwest, and beyond. We’re not just your average travel enthusiasts, though. Over the years, our curiosity has led us down the path less trodden, into the world of the unexplained and extraordinary. This fascination has birthed a unique category in our travel blog: “Paranormal Travel”, where we delve into phenomena that challenge the ordinary and evoke the extraordinary.

Our “Paranormal Travel” category is a thrilling odyssey into the realm of the unknown, where we explore phenomena related to aliens, UFOs, and other unexplained mysteries that have intrigued us during our travels. This category serves as a chronicle of our encounters with the inexplicable, whether it’s investigating famed UFO sighting locations, probing local folklore about extraterrestrial encounters, or examining mystifying landmarks rumored to harbor otherworldly secrets.

We take our readers on a unique journey, from the enigmatic lights of Marfa, Texas, to the renowned Area 51 in Nevada, and even back home to rumored sightings in the Minnesota night sky. Each entry weaves a tantalizing tale that merges our love for travel with the allure of the unknown, all supported by our meticulous research and respect for each region’s history and culture.

As intrepid explorers and storytellers, we strive to present a captivating blend of the terrestrial and the extraterrestrial in each blog post. Whether it’s the quaint charm of Minnesota, the vast appeal of the Midwest, the diverse splendors of the United States, or the thrilling mysteries of “Paranormal Travel”, our aim is to offer our readers an engaging, thought-provoking travel experience every time they visit. We’re Jack and Kitty, and we’re excited to invite you into the world of the unexplored and unexplained!