Winona, Minnesota

Get ready for a travel blog about fun in Winona, Minnesota! We share hidden gems, travel tips, can’t miss attractions and great dining!

Welcome to the captivating journeys of Jack and Kitty, your reliable companions for uncovering the gems of Winona, Minnesota, its surroundings, and beyond. As proud residents of the enchanting city of Winona, nestled on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, our adventures as travel experts were sparked right here, inspired by our city’s diverse landscapes, rich history, and amiable communities. This deep affection for our hometown spurred our desire to share our discoveries and insights, leading to the creation of our dedicated travel blog.

As the best-selling authors of the popular guidebook, “Minnesota’s Best: 365 Unique Adventures”, we have a unique perspective on sharing what makes Minnesota so great.

Our blog is carefully divided into distinct sections for effortless navigation. One of our favorites is “Winona, Minnesota”, a category devoted to unearthing the lesser-known marvels and local secrets of our beloved city. We plunge into the heart of our community, exploring the charming local businesses, invigorating nature trails, and cherished traditions often overlooked by casual visitors. From the awe-inspiring bluffs offering breathtaking views to the fascinating local art scene that thrives within the city, “Winona, Minnesota” offers a treasure trove of exceptional experiences.

Of course, our exploration doesn’t stop at Winona’s city limits. We’ve ventured throughout the surrounding areas, the Midwest, and even globally, creating the “Twin Cities: Minneapolis and St. Paul” and “Minnesota” categories to encapsulate these journeys. Each category reveals our excursions into different cultures and destinations, many of which have left an indelible impression on us.

As enthusiastic explorers and storytellers, we revel in sharing the thrill of discovery with every blog post. Whether it’s the tucked-away charms of Winona, the wide-ranging appeal of the Midwest, or the mesmerizing locales further afield, our commitment is to provide our readers an immersive, authentic travel experience at each visit. We’re Jack and Kitty, and we can’t wait to guide you through our beautiful hometown and beyond on our next exhilarating adventure!