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Jack And Kitty - Jack Norton - Kitty Norton Two Stalkers One Goal

High school sweethearts Jack and Kitty have it all - an Emmy Award winning children’s television show they created, a band touring the world and a film career heading for certain success.

Deep in the woods, The Wisconsin Blaster sits in a shrine devoted to his obsession: Kitty. Surrounded by used tampons and discarded coffee cups, he carefully studies schematics…researching dynamite to take down a building. Several hundred miles away, another blaster has already been rigging the same building - meticulously planning an implosion of his own.

They are two stalkers, with one goal: to destroy the personal and professional lives of Jack and Kitty.

In a story stranger than fiction, this inspiring memoir offers hope and healing for victims of stalking, cyberstalking, narcissistic abuse, gossip and bullying…all with more twists and turns than any Hollywood thriller.

In the game of life, hope is a chameleon.

Release Date: November 22, 2019.

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Fans of cinema may recall the insanely creepy ending to Se7en from talented filmmaker David Fincher. Brad Pitt’s character repeatedly screams: “What’s in the box?” to co-star Morgan Freeman, as a sociopathic Kevin Spacey watches the action, a gleeful grin on his twisted face. Rather than start our book out with a major spoiler from a great film, we’re not going to tell you what was in Brad’s box - rather, we’ll focus on what was in our box.

It may not be quite as creepy as…well, just go watch the movie. When you’re done, come back and read the rest of this Foreword.

Or, keep reading - if scary movies aren’t your thing.

Ok, now that we’re all back and on the same page, let me tell you what was in our box:

A used, very bloody tampon.

A discarded coffee cup with shimmery, hot pink lip gloss stains on its white plastic lid.

A series of pictures (printed on glossy photo paper) of us, embracing each other on our couch. They were taken from outside our apartment window.

A day planner, actually seven years’ worth of day planners: listing everywhere we have been and every person we may have interacted with while there.

Thousands of photos downloaded from the internet, neatly printed and catalogued in a series of scrapbooks. Each photo was labeled with a date, time and location of where the image was (most likely taken) and the names of any friends or acquaintances that were with us in the picture.

The books we have previously published. They had been self-printed and self-bound in three ring binders. Meticulously notated, highlighted and marked up - looking like they belonged to a hard-working detective in an old gangster movie, searching for clues written within the lines of our own published words. Lines of Kitty’s original writing such as: “Remember, I grew up in the ghetto and was raised on ghetto dranks: orange soda, cherry KoolAid and Ting.” * were marked with scribbled notes-to-self in the margins of the book with questions like: “what brands of soda does she now like?” and “Buy her Ting.”

What else was in the box?

The schematics based on the original architect blueprints made in 1920 of the quaint southwest Minneapolis apartment building where we rented a small two bedroom flat.

A password book with nearly every log-in and password for all of our social media accounts, email accounts, bank accounts and website passwords.

A spreadsheet with the names, phone numbers and email address of every business associate we ever worked with including the date the project was publicly announced, the distribution channels for each project and the official release date of each project or event.

A video burned onto a Walgreens DVD. What was the video? It showed Kitty and one of her best friends from yoga class. The girls had had a bit too many glasses of wine and sent me a text of them playfully French kissing for a few seconds. I definitely wasn’t jealous…I mean, come on - be honest: what red-blooded husband wouldn’t love to see his wife flirtatiously kissing another woman? Moral judgments aside, please understand that this video was filmed in selfie mode on Kitty’s iPhone and texted to Jack. No one else. But somehow, it too - was in our box.

An old toothbrush. More specifically, Kitty’s old toothbrush.

A series of photos taken at our live events, all of which had Jack’s face blacked out with a Sharpie.

A box of unused, unopened condoms. A roll of unopened duct tape. 100 feet of paracord.

And, a Bible.

King James Version.

Very well read, and also meticulously notated and highlighted.

A photo of Kitty talking to a group of young children after a show at a county fair in Wisconsin was used as a bookmark. The passage highlighted was from Matthew 10:28. It reads…

And fear not them which kill the body,
but are not able to kill the soul:
but rather fear him, which is able to
destroy both soul and body in hell.

There were more things in the box too.

In reality, the box was two boxes, several very large oversized scrapbooks and some additional memorabilia in some brown paper grocery bags.

We were handed this material during a very awkward meeting at a small cafe in rural Wisconsin by the estranged daughter of one of our stalkers. At the time, we didn’t know what to think.

I guess, we still don’t really know what to think.

And that’s the point of what makes stalking so torturous for the victim: the never-ending nature of the crime. It’s like being held in a prison that you may not even know you are locked in. We didn’t know we were in this prison for many, many years, as a matter of fact. But one day you find out that you are locked inside, and the stalker is your warden.

What is truly heinous about stalking is that there is usually no conclusion, no finality, no true “The End” moment. If stalking were a movie, it would be very unsatisfying for the audience because it may just never end. Sure, the experts say that some stalkers move on to other victims, but for the rest of your life you will be left wondering if they truly have “moved on.” You will always question every email, every call, every text, every new person you meet.

Reality blurs into something of a nightmarish dream: where things don’t appear as they truly are, or, maybe they do and you’re just scarred from the past. Victims of stalkers are usually not paranoid, they are just hyper-aware of the threat lurking in the vast unknown.

This book is our attempt to illuminate the darkness. It’s our attempt to suss out the monsters hiding under the bed, to rid the closet of all its skeletons, to let go and rebuild our lives. If you are a victim of a stalker, be it physical or cyber (or in our case, both), this book is for you. If you suffer from abuse, bullying or gossip, our story may provide you with comfort and guidance as well. We do not claim to have all the answers, and we’ve learned long ago that most people that claim to have all the answers only do so to sell you something. We’re not selling you anything, we are simply sharing our story in hopes that other victims will be comforted in knowing they are not alone.

We also have a selfish reason for telling our story: to take back our lives and boldly go forward into the future with confidence that the court of public opinion will hold us in its favor. We never have claimed to be perfect, but can guarantee that everything our stalkers have said is a well-crafted series of lies, specifically designed to destroy our personal and professional lives.

Why do stalkers do this?

It is not because they love you. True love is never obsessive.

It is not because they want you all to themselves. As we just said, true love is never obsessive.

It is not because they are weird, isolated loners living with their deceased mothers’ frozen in a block of ice in the basement as they chat about the end of the world to a room full of old baby doll parts and stuffed animals. Our stalkers were not particularly weird (perhaps “lovably eccentric,” but not outwardly, creepy, serial killer “weird”), and they certainly were not isolated loners. They each had a family and led an active social life.

Stalkers do this for one reason and one reason only: power.

They love the sense of power they get from seeing your life slowly destroyed.

They love the sense of power they get knowing they are behind the destruction.

They love the sense of power they get from watching fear take over your soul.

Remember Matthew 10:28:

And fear not them which kill the body,
but are not able to kill the soul:
but rather fear him, which is able to
destroy both soul and body in hell.

The ultimate rush for the stalker is to know you fear them. To know you know that they are able to destroy both your soul and your body. To know they have made your life a living hell.

It’s very telling that one of our stalkers bookmarked this passage from the Bible. There are 31,102 verses in the Bible. And our stalker focused on that one.


Fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body.

This says a lot. It demonstrates the rush your stalker feels knowing they have put you in a place of fear.

But what good is living a life of fear?

There is hope for anyone suffering from the paralyzing grip of terror. Awareness. Telling your story. Sharing with others. Being public. Going forward. Moving on. Breaking the chains of fear. Living, really living. That is how you beat your stalker.

They may always be there. They may also simply move on. But you can’t do anything to change their behavior. You can only change yours.

This book is our attempt to re-design, re-build and, consequently, re-live.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

And hey - if you thought the stuff in our box was weird - you ain’t heard nothin’ yet! Read on, dear soul, read on…


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