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Hello, Purrfect * !!

We're Jack and Kitty Norton and we have a weekly vlog series on YouTube. It's tons of fun...and gets kinda weird. Hehe...

We're married high school sweethearts and Emmy Award winning artists. We document our everyday life in this quirky YouTube show...

Here at JackAndKitty.com, you can find out about our music, films, books, photography and other random projects. Be sure to check out our blog or catch up on the latest news...

Oh, also we have a cute little shop that we are just now getting launched...more items will be added daily 🙂

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Jack & Kitty

PS : If you'd like to get in contact with us email jackandkittyxo@gmail.com or connect with us on the socials.

* "Purrfect" is the adorable fandom name our viewers came up with because they all know Kitty is cooler than Jack...plus they didn't wanna be called "Jackasses" so they settled on "Purrfect" 😉

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Married high school sweethearts (and Emmy Award winning creative artists) Jack and Kitty Norton document their everyday life in this quirky YouTube series.