North Dakota

Get ready for a travel blog about fun in North Dakota! We share hidden gems, travel tips, can’t miss attractions and great dining!

Welcome to the captivating journeys of Jack and Kitty, your reliable guides for unraveling the charms of North Dakota, the expansive Midwest, and more distant destinations. Our odyssey as zealous travel enthusiasts has caused us to visit the enigmatic state of North Dakota, marked by its awe-inspiring landscapes, intriguing history, and congenial communities. Our affection for the Peace Garden State propelled us to share our journeys and insights, resulting in the creation of our all-inclusive travel blog.

Our blog is thoughtfully partitioned into unique sections for seamless navigation. A section we hold in high regard is “North Dakota”. This category is dedicated to unveiling North Dakota’s lesser-known treasures and cherished local secrets. We venture into the enthralling small towns, riveting nature trails, and enriching local traditions that may not be part of the typical tourist itinerary. From the extraordinary beauty of Theodore Roosevelt National Park to the historic attractions nestled within the state, “North Dakota” is a cache of extraordinary experiences.

Beyond North Dakota, our curiosity has guided us across the broader Midwest and globally. Our “Minnesota” and “United States” sections encapsulate these varied experiences, showcasing the captivating places and cultures that have left an indelible impression on us outside of our beloved home state.

As fervent explorers and storytellers, we strive to bring the thrill of discovery to life with each blog post. Whether it’s the tucked-away gems of North Dakota, the vast appeal of the Midwest, or the intriguing locales further afield, our commitment is to offer our readers an immersive, authentic travel experience at each visit. We’re Jack and Kitty, and we’re excited to lead you on our next thrilling adventure!